The biggest yacht ever launched in Italy, Benetti’s 107 meters yacht (351-foot)

The season of the giga yacht “made in Italy” has begun, which is part of a market fringe that has usually seen the dominance of non-Italian shipyards. How did it start? In style with the launch of the FB277, Benetti‘s 351 feet (107 meters) giga yacht that took to the sea today in Livorno. It’s not the largest yacht in the world, but it’s the largest ever built in Italy by a private shipyard and 351 feet are very large, especially if you consider that the Italian yachting industry is specialized and famous worldwide for the range from 24 to 70 meters (not to mention our beloved Med Boats).

This giga yacht is just the first of three to be launched in the coming months, again by Benetti.

The biggest yacht ever launched in Italy

Benetti is currently the only private shipyard in Italy – and among the very few in the world – that has the means and the ability to build boats longer than 80 meters. This yacht is 107 meters long and up to 15.2 meters wide and has a full displacement load of 3,300 tons. The FB277, built in steel with an aluminium superstructure, is also at the forefront of propulsion, as it is powered by an electric diesel system. All the design was done with the shipyard’s own know-how, under the supervision of Imperial, as the owner’s representative. Luxury on board is clearly one of the strengths.


Here are seven curiosities about this giga-yacht

  • a swimming pool on the sun deck
  • a grand piano
  • a Spa with hammam
  • a massage room
  • a gym
  • a swimming pool that can hold about 21,000 litres
  • a helipad touch and go

From the full-beam owner’s cabin to the floor of the wheelhouse up to seven gigantic – in line with the concept of giga yacht – VIP cabins on deck, with aft main dining and saloon everything is built on a large scale. Each deck is crossed by a spiral staircase. Half and part of the space under the lower deck has been reserved for a generous amount of accommodation for the crew. There is also plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the sun or the beach club where you can spend time in contact with the environment and nature.



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