Beneteau unveils its first flying powerboat | VIDEO

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The fashion of flying has also infected the motorboats of the Beneteau Group that are experimenting with “foil” technology, which in money are the appendages that allow the boat to rise on the water. The boat is a 400 hp thoroughbred made entirely of infusion, a technology that saves weight and allows the boat to fly more easily.

Foils are retractable

Sailing with open foils in the open sea is one thing, but try to moor with the two “wings” spread on your sides. In addition to complicating every maneuver, the boat would take up more space and would, therefore, be subject to higher costs to stay in port. For this reason, the foils of the new Beneteau are retractable and even when they are out of the water do not disturb the navigation.

The first Beneteau foil boat is outboard

For this first Beneteau “foiler”, the engine chosen is a pair of 200-horsepower Suzuki outboard engines. It only took nine months for the Beneteau group team to design, develop and build this new generation flying boat. DEMS Sarrazin Design, Noval and SEAir contributed to the project with a mix of design, technical and mechanical skills that assisted the work of naval architecture and product design of Beneteau.

The advantages of foils

Built in Vendée, the boat was tested and developed in the port of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, France, where it made its first flights. A pioneering concept on which Beneteau has decided to invest with courage. But what are the advantages of a flying boat with foils? Without contact with water, higher speeds can be achieved with the same power, without the creation of wave motion. In addition to this, the comfort of sailing with small waves is also better. By flying over the water, the boat avoids contact while maintaining its trim. Last but not least, it is the aspect related to fuel consumption: less friction corresponds to lower demand for energy and therefore fuel.



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