Barche a Motore N.19 is now available in digital and in paper format

Barche a Motore N.19 is now available in paper and in digital format. In this issue anticipating the summer, we interviewed Marco Valle, CEO of Azimut Benetti, who told us his point of view on the market and in particular on the booming boating industry in this period and possible future scenarios. Then we took a closer look at one of the main trends in motorboating: the world of foils, with contributions from some of the top experts including Mario Caponnetto, CFD Leader of Luna Rossa at last America’s Cup. And then the dossier on rib with our review of the models not to be missed for 2021. Let’s take a look at the main articles in advance.

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Barche a Motore N.19

The boating industry according to Marco Valle: exclusive interview with the CEO of Azimut Benetti

Marco Valle, CEO of Azimut-Benetti, tells us about the situation of the shipyard and the boating industry, which is experiencing a moment of growth. What awaits us after this period? Marco Valleanswers from page 52.

Rib boats, our selection of the best for 2021

From 8 to 14 meters, our selection of new and best-selling rib boats for all needs. In 2021 the rib continues to exert a very strong fascination, confirming the growing trend of recent years. There are, indeed, inflatable boats for all tastes, including sport fishing. Here are the top 10 (+1) for 2021. From page 60

Bluegame BGX60, the evolution of the species

Once again Bluegame breaks the mold with an innovative product range that introduces a new way of experiencing the sea. Even more exclusive. Let’s get on board from page 78.


Cranchi E26 Classic – TEST

We get onboard Cranchi’s little one at the Marine Test Center in San Giorgio di Nogaro. After seeing what she looks like, we tested the engines and hull. If you’re looking for a really sporty and safe boat, this Cranchi E26 Classic could be the right solution for you. Find out why from page 98.

Pardo 60 Endurance

Pardo Yachts launches the Endurance 60, its first long-distance yacht that aims to expand the market. Come aboard with us and we’ll take you through all the features that make this yacht perfect for long voyages and life at sea, even for just one day. From page 92

Foil-mania: are we facing an epochal change?

Motorboating discovers foils. So a new idea of powerboating is being born. The point of view of some of the top foil and nautical design experts on what will be the boat of tomorrow. With Luca Bassani, Brunello Acampora, Mario Caponnetto and Luca Ferrari. From page 104.



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