Azimut Magellano 30 Metri

Azimut Magellan 30 Metri
Azimut Magellano 30 Metri

All those who go to sea, and hopefully the others too, know the famous Portuguese navigator and explorer, Ferdinando Magellano. In fact, the Azimut line of shuttles for long navigation and crossings takes its name from him. Azimut Magellano 30 Metri is coming. And it has already been defined as the flagship of the flagships.

Azimut Magellano 30 Metri

Magellano motorboats are “navetta”, timeless boats with voluminous lines and important marine qualities. The 25-meter Magellano 25 Metri, the current flagship of the line, has yet to make her debut, but the shipyard is already thinking about the next stage: Azimut Magellano 30 Metri.

The aim is to create an elegant shuttle, characterized by classic lines revisited in the most sophisticated contemporary style. Once again it will bear the signature of Ken Freivokh. The designer is highly appreciated in the world of the most refined large yachts, both sailing and motor yachts.

In addition to the external appearance, this boat was designed for long navigation and therefore the hull has been the subject of important and numerous studies. On the Azimut Magellano 30 Metri there is a Dual Mode, which means that it is able to navigate the boat both in displacement mode with lower fuel consumption and reduced speed, but with greater autonomy. When necessary, however, it can also make you feel all its power. And sailing around the world on a boat of this type doesn’t look bad at all!



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