32 useful App for boating


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Boating becomes digital so you need the right apps onboard your boat. In the deep sea that is the App Store and Google Play, here is the ultimate guide. From the one that turns your phone into AIS to the one that allows you to monitor your anchorage (even while you sleep). After seeing the first 16 “boat apps” (CLICK HERE), here are all the others

32 useful App for boating


This subscription web-app transforms your smartphone into a miniature weather station that allows you to consult the best forecasts from all over the Mediterranean.

Info: www.meteomed.it


A useful and fun free app to study the meaning of naval flags, know the international nautical code and take tests to measure learning. It is available on Google Play in English.


With more than 100,000 users worldwide, this application is proposed as a TripAdvisor of the sea. Navily helps you find the best berths and book a berth in the marinas available on the map. Available for iOS and Android.


Developed by Navionics (Garmin), it is one among the most popular Apps for nautical use. It allows to plan and create detailed routes, measure distances, report routes and see the details of the coast. Available in both free and subscription version.

Info: www.navionics.com


The free App currently has more than 250,000 km of coastal areas, waterways, rivers, and lakes. In addition to live routing and tracking, you can also manually plan your trip and monitor consumption on board. Available on Google Play


This fun App offers instructions to make 93 knots presented in an intuitive
and detailed way thanks to a 3D graphics that allows a 360 degree view and different zoom possibilities. Available on Google Play for 4.39.


A free encyclopedic app that describes in detail (with the help of illustrations) all the nodes useful for fishing with and without a boat. Also work without a connection. Available on Google Play.


The official First Aid App of the Italian Red Cross gives immediate access to information to manage the most common first aid emergencies. It includes videos, interactive quizzes and step-by-step advice. Available on Google Play.


Sea Conditions is an annual or monthly subscription app that provides Mediterranean marine weather forecasts. It is based on numerical models coupled with satellite data and on-site measurements.

Info: www.sea-conditions.com


App associated with a bracelet that functions as a Mob alarm if the person wearing it falls overboard. It also communicates the coordinates of the man overboard and the path to recovery. Useful if you surf with children.

Info: www.sea-tags.com


It is used to identify in real time each boat that is in the water using a practical virtual radar. It consists of detailed maps with hundreds of coastal locations. Available on Google Play for 3.59.


An excellent App that allows you to keep track of the route taken with your boat and share navigation data with friends thanks to the integration with Facebook and Twitter.
Available on the App Store at a cost of 2.79 euros.


A free App to discover the secrets of the stars and planets of the solar system, simply by pointing our iPhone towards the sky.
Available on Google Play.


Designed by the Italian company Alger, this App is a specific remote control and remote alarm device for boats. Through this App you can connect to the boat on which the device is installed and access all its control, management and monitoring functions. Available on Google Play.


It offers detailed weather and wind forecasts for over 40,000 locations. It also includes real-time wind measurements.
Available in the free or Pro basic version at a cost of 6.99 euros.


It offers graphic and detailed forecasts for any position: temperature, rain and snow accumulation, gusts, wind direction and speed. Available on Google Play.

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  1. The yacht managing program also deserves its spot, like The Yacht Manager App for managing Yachts, Boats, and Sailboats. It comes data preloaded, with tasks, checklists, inventory, and modules for managing documents, repairs, fuel, costs, and much more. Available on App Store or via http://www.yachtmanagerapp.com

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