Antonello Salvi explains coastal trolling for beginners

Garmin ambassador Antonello Salvi shows us a typical fishing technique: coastal trolling is funny, it requires no expensive fishing equipment and can be performed from any boat.

“This technique – Antonello explains – requires just two rods for a maximum of 12-20 pounds coupled with fixed-coil reels”. A good supply of baits can be also essential. “You must have silicone baits, octopus and rapala lures of different colours  and it is always important to study, for every type of artificial bait, the proper speed because not all fish can be towed at the same speed.

Antonello Salvi shows us a typical fishing technique

This type of trolling can be performed between 3 and 7 knots, depending on the type of lure used. You only need to drop your artificial bait on the water and, keeping it close to your boat, vary the speed from 3 to 7 knots; in order to identify the critical point, you have to tow in the range at the maximum speed allowed by your artificial lure”. You can also opt for a 20-pound Dyneema and a 0.40 fluorocarbon tackle connected through a very small swivel or even some small sinking wire. “Preys are varied and funny: sea breams, eagle fish, frigate tuna, bonitos, dolphin fish. You always have to respect the sea; consequently; please don’t catch more than 5 kg of fish per person”.  

If you want to improve your fishing performances, you can also use an electronic fish finder, of course. “In this case, I recommend the Garmin Striker 5, a good fishfinder with built-in GPS locator. It is absolutely good enough for trolling”.

ANTONELLO SALVI: Born in 1976 in Belvedere Marittimo (CS), he won the offshore trolling championship in 2011 with the Italian national team; he collaborated with Sky and, today, he is a Garmin ambassador.



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