All crazy about the Zen watermaker: already sold 1,000 models in 2 years


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Zen 150 Desalinator Schenker

The Zen range of
Schenker Watermakers
since its launch two years ago has been immediately appreciated by industry insiders and the public. Innovative and compact boat watermakers that have enabled the company to reach a very important milestone: 1,000 watermakers sold in just two years.

Zen Desalinator Schenker

The result is the result of a project made concrete at the end of 2018 with the presentation at the Genoa Boat Show of the ZEN 30 model, which represented a new “concept” in the rather traditional field of desalinators.

The approval of this new product by the international market was, from the very beginning, higher than expected as were flattering evaluations from professional operators, such as the “DAME Special Mention” award obtained at METS 2018, International Boat Accessory Show in Amsterdam.

The sudden success prompted Schenker’s Research&Development department to develop the new concept over the next two years. Thus was born a range of desalinators with increasing capacity made to meet the freshwater needs aboard the small boat as well as the superyacht. The first ZEN 30 model was followed in sequence by ZEN 50, ZEN 100 and finally ZEN 150 presented in late 2020. The commercial response to the range has been tangible. In a short time, ZEN has established itself as a leading product even in particularly difficult and demanding markets such as Northern Europe, the United States and Australia.

Schenker Zen watermaker: the reasons for success

Of the 1,000 desalinators delivered so far, the most significant share is ZEN 30. This is both because it is the first model produced and because the machine is aimed at a smaller boat segment. This is followed closely by desalinators with higher capacities with a particular success of the ZEN 100 model ordered as a standard product by large shipyards.

ZEN is characterized by a special and unique ultra-flat shape that allows it to be mounted on board in particularly cramped and generally unusable rooms. In addition, thanks to a new generation energy recovery system, the desalinator is extremely efficient. It can also be mounted on boats without a generator.

The name ZEN was chosen precisely to evoke the main strengths of the product, namely simplicity, lightness, minimalism. The technical crowning glory of the line is the introduction of the “Touch” control panel designed to meet the growing demand for multifunction graphic systems aimed at integrating on-board electronics.

Very satisfied with the company’s performance Eng. Green, Schenker Administrator: “Innovation, courage, and vision are the right recipe for countering great difficulties and overcoming tough challenges.”



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