The most beautiful boat in the world is for sale. It’s called Adastra

Adastra - Image source:
Adastra – Image source:

If you have a lot of money to spare and you love unusual boats, then you’ve found the right yacht for you. Adastra, a 42.5 metre trimaran, the most incredible superyacht ever launched is for sale. The 70 year old Antony Marden put it on the market. He had it built in 2012 by the McConaghy Boats shipyard to a design by John Shuttleworth. What is so incredible about this boat? First, the shapes that seem to come from the future, with a central hull 42.50 meters long and a maximum width of 16 meters.

All summer without refuelling

Then, he has an autonomy that allows him, filled with 32,000 liters of diesel, to cross the Atlantic twice or, even better, to fill up at the beginning of the summer season in the Mediterranean and then never have to stop to make diesel.

Adastra has a main Caterpillar engine of 1,151 hp and two Yanmar engines of 110 hp. When he is on long voyages the main engine allows him a cruising speed of 17 knots (max 22.5) and to navigate in displacing position along the coast he turns on the two engines of 110 hp each.

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There’s a queue to see it

“When I stop in a bay or port there is a queue of curious people attracted by the futuristic lines of Adastra and this bothers me a bit,” says Antony Marden, a true sailor who as a young man has owned a sailing trimaran. That’s where the inspiration for this unusual superyacht came from, which can accommodate up to nine guests and six crew members.

Navigating in all sea conditions

Marden, when asked what is the most striking feature of Adastra, answers: “Without a doubt its navigability: it can face the sea in almost all conditions. We left marinas in the middle of the night in the middle of a storm. People didn’t believe it! The big traditional yachts would never dream of going out in these conditions, but Adastra is stable and sails exceptionally even in very formed sea”.

Why he is selling it?

But why does he sell this wonderful boat, did they ask him? “I went around the world, I sailed the Greek islands that I love. Now he’s still and my heart cries, leaving it unused” and Marden reveals: “I have another boat that I use to sail the islands including Pangkil and Pulau Joyo in Indonesia”.

If you are interested in this unique boat, here is the link:

The price? It is not given to know, the negotiation is, of course, confidential.

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