95 SL, Zar Formenti’s flagship “sport luxury” flies at 54 knots

95 sl gommone zar formentiUnique like any other Zar model, the 95 SL is the flagship of the Sport Luxury line and the largest model among the 31 offered by the shipyard of Motta Visconti. The pronounced sheer with the slender impressive bow, the inflatable float emerging from almost one quarter of the front end, the fiberglass completing the lines of the boat. Despite its round lines, the front console is sharp-cornered and with bright windows for the forward cabin. High-quality finishes and a broad range of colour options offered for any detail. In short, the Zar 95 SL is an adult boat and the dual Suzuki propulsion with twin DF 350 AP engines which deliver 700 HP in total (the most powerful engine option available; minimum power is 350 HP) confirms that.

95 sl gommoni barche zar formenti

The overall layout includes a starboard console, a dinette with a removable table in the stern which can turn into a unique sun pad, a fully usable forward cockpit and perimetral seating which can turn into an additional sunbathing platform. The owner can even opt for an optional Flexiteek flooring, as in the model we tested. Despite outboards, the astern platform guarantees instant ac- cess to the water. Below deck, a minimalist cabin is comfortable enough even if positioned under the deck while the bathroom features good size.

barca zar formenti scheda tecnica 95 sl

Brightness is the key element of this boat. As for performance, the Zar 95 SL can touch a top speed of over 54 knots with three passengers on board, slightly rough sea and 160 liters of fuel. This is made possible not only by Suzuki engines but, also and abo ve all, by the lightness of lines and the extraordinary design of the hull, developed by Francesco Ambrosini. Such a lightness is perceivable even at the wheel; the boat is always stable and safe on the water and give its passengers a sense of total comfort in any conditions. Of course, such a content within a boat of less than 10 meters has a cost: EUR 112,900, VAT excluded, with an additional EUR 68,000 to pay for twin engines.



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