TOP 2019: 7 unmissable boats from 10 to 11 meters

At Cannes Yachting Festival we have seen all the best of the motor boats of 2019 and many that will arrive in 2020. Here is the top seven from 10 to 11 meters.


FIART Fiart 33 – 10,50 m

Fiart 33

JEANNEAU Leader 33 FB – 10,56 m
Outboard engines are really trendy and Jeanneau renovates its popular Leader 33 with double FB propulsion.

Jeanneau Leader 33 HB
Jeanneau Leader 33 HB

DELTA 33 coupé – 10,70 m
After the open version, here is the cabin-equipped version of the successful 10-meter model of the Scandinavian shipyard with sunroof.

DELTA 33 Coupé
DELTA 33 Coupé

AQUILA 36 – 10,96 m
A catamaran with outboard propulsion and surprising outdoor spaces. Highlights include two sunbathing areas, forward and aft, with chaise longue and two double cabins below deck.


SACS Strider 11 ABT – 11 m
A limited edition of the Strider 11 in ABT tuning. Finished with care, she can reach 50 knots.

Sacs Strider 11 ABT Sport Master
Sacs Strider 11 ABT Sport Master

SEARAY SLX-350 – 11 m
Great expectations for the European launch of the new SLX 350 of the American shipyard, a model that has always been successful with its versatility.

Searay SLX-350
Searay SLX-350

RANIERI INTERNATIONAL Cayman 35 Sport Touring – 11 m

Performance and versatility: these are the main features of the new Cayman 27 Sport Touring. With suspension system between hull and deck for top comfort and the possibility of having two berths.

Cayman 35.0 Executive
Cayman 35.0 Executive



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