5 glorious second hand fast cruisers not to be missed


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The fast cruisers have hulls with drawn lines. They are born to “bite” water and have pure lines. A type of boat that for many years has been the core of the production of many yards. Even today, they are the preferred choice of those who prefer functionality and essentiality to the evolution of design. But without forgetting the style that makes them unmistakable. All this, however, does not necessarily translate into spartan arrangements. In many fast cruisers there is no shortage of habitable environments, often elegant, to have comfortable spaces available to face even the longest cruises. Here are five models from 11.30 to 18.30 meters in length. Their debut date varies from the end of the 1980s, for the great classics, to the end of the 1980s and the first decade of the 2000s. A boon for those looking for a used fast cruiser.

Used quality, 5 fast cruisers that have made history

Mig 50. Supersport with great comfort and liveability

Slim and dynamic design for this 15.58 m boat. With two 510 hp engines, with surface propellers, the Mig 50 reaches a peak of 40 knots, but for higher speeds, two 715 hp engines were also planned. Large spaces are available on deck, where there is a sunbathing area aft, a dinette, a wet bar and a seat next to the pilot, which has the dual function of a sofa/chaise-longue. There are three cabins inside, as well as a square with dinette and kitchen.

Price: from 220.000 €

Otam 45 Heritage. Now with a new look

A best seller that has been on the list for over a decade and has gone through various restyling over time.45 Heritage, 15.03 m long, is one of the classics of Otam. Essential in its style, it also has original aesthetic touches, such as the metallic colour, also used in the internal lacquering. On board there are two cabins and a square, while in the cockpit there is an L-shaped sofa and a sundeck. The two 710 hp engines push the boat up to 45 knots, but versions with two 1000 hp engines to fly at 56 knots have also been offered for sale.

Price: from 130.000€

Performance 807. Freedom of expression

If everyone freed their imagination, there would be no Performance Marine the same as the other. As, for example, this 807 demonstrates, with a “total black” livery, also reflected in the coatings inside. In 8.50 m, the 807 has an open-plan cabin with a double bed, a sofa, a kitchenette and a separate toilet. There is a wide choice of engines, petrol or diesel, ranging from 1×300 to 2×500 hp with sterndrive.

Price: from 70.000 €

Tornado 38. A timeless classic

The Tornado are the result of the long experience of the shipyard founder, Carlo Marchiolo, in the world of racing. The 38, 11.40 m long, combines comfort and performance, while maintaining the utmost essentiality of style. It remains faithful to the spirit of the true open, beyond fashion, but with construction techniques in step with the times. The deck has carbon reinforcements and offers a very wide sunbathing area. Inside, it has two cabins, a dinette and a kitchen. The minimum power of the engines is 2×260 hp. Produced since the beginning of the 90’s, it is an extreme long-lived model. So much so that today the Tornado 38 is also available in a new version.

Price: from 55.000 €

Primatist G33 Speedster. Sports heart

In every Primatist beats a sporting heart, especially in the Speedster series, of which the G33, with its 10.08 m, is the smallest model. Tensioned lines and well-profiled aerodynamics contribute to the 45 knots of top speed of this boat with two 375 hp engines. The deck offers large sunbathing areas and a dinette. Inside there is an open space with double bed, convertible dinette, kitchen cabinet and separate toilet.

Price: from 65.000 €



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